Nuwati Handcrafted Soaps

Nuwati Handcrafted Soaps

Nuwati soaps are made using soft spring water in combination with essential oils, herbs, base oils (coconut, palm, sunflower and safflower) Each ingredient is chosen to enhance cleansing ability while adding protection and care for your skin. All soaps are hand cut and individually wrapped or boxed.

Handcrafted soaps clean without stripping your skin of its natural oils. In addition to the cleansing qualities of Nuwati soaps, the natural ingredients combine to make our bars especially aromatic. Enjoy the sweet smell of Lavender and Honey, the uplifting wisps of Mint, the spicy scent of Clove, the refreshing scents of Lemongrass and Thyme in addition to many other special ingredients.

Note: Nuwati soaps only use certified organic palm oil from South American countries that is grown and produced using high levels of sustainability. Nuwati soaps do not source any palm oil out of southeast Asia or Indonesia where there is a basic problem of deforestation and diminishing animal habitats.

Made in the USA

Nuwati Herbal products are not represented to be 'Indian Products' as defined by law.

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