Real West Magazines

Real West Magazines
Real West Magazine - Second in line for historical value is Real West magazine, second only to True West in number of issues published. It began in 1957 and was discontinued in 1988 after a run of 221 regular monthly issues and 45 special issues. Real West featured stories by many well-known western authors as well as regular columns and other short features, including a column on the American Indian by Nono Minor and letters from readers. Several issues featured serial topics such as guns, western movie stars, treasures and gunfighters. A few of the special issues of Real West featured Indians, outlaws, and lawmen. Most were annuals, yearbooks, and specials, from which,  the late 1970's contained only reprinted articles from the regular series. A short series of digest-sized Western Digest issues were an experiment that failed because of their odd size. They are like midget versions of Real West. Unfortunately, they are extremely scarce.

Written and published in the USA.

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