Frontier Times Magazines

Frontier Times Magazines
Frontier Times - This vintage magazine, along with its precursors, was popular from 1910 to the early 1980's, and from the beginning, was devoted to the history of the American West. John Warren Hunter and his son, John Marvin Hunter, both amateur historians, first founded Hunter's Magazine in November, 1910. This publication became Hunter's Frontier Magazine in May, 1916, lasting through the next year. In October, 1923, the first issue of Frontier Times was published by the Hunters. Like its predecessors, this monthly was dedicated to frontier history , border tragedies, and pioneer achievements.

At the time that these early magazines were published, there were still numerous settlers, pioneers, cattlemen, and observers of the events of Old West history still alive and able to tell their stories. This is one of the most valuable assets of this magazine. Its articles were often written from the vantage point of the eye-witness observer or actual participant in the event. Hunter published his last issue of Frontier Times in October, 1954. But, "life" for the popular magazine was not yet finished. Western Publications purchased Frontier Times in 1955; however, a new issue would not be published until the winter of 1957. It would continue, off and on, until the last edition was published in November, 1985; though its companion publications of True West and Old West magazines continued.

Today, these highly sought-after magazines have become a valuable resource to historians, collectors, and genealogists. Rich in first-hand accounts of formative pioneer events, issues include articles on early settlers, frontier expeditions, soldiers, Rangers, Indians, outlaws, battles, tragedies, and hidden reasures, the many articles found in these vintage publications tell it like it was -- bold, bloody and accurate.


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